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Date added: 2014-12-03
Description: Walkthrough: Scene 1: Take a blue dustpan from right. Take a orange tray from there where behind the end stone at near the right tree. Take a filter tray which down of the brown tree. Take a sign bit from the left stones which behind the pond. Take a skull from the stones which behind the left grass bush. Note and count the dog pictures (02) from the left inner rock. And also take a shovel from the rock right. Put those counts on the right tree to get a grey bit. Use the dustpan upon the sand. Put that sand in the filter tray and take it after 4 pieces. Place those 4 pieces on the orange tray. Scene 2: Take a bucket. Take a wacky hook from the ground. Scene 1: Use the bucket on the right pond and take a bucket of water. Apply the water in the sand which in orange tray and take 4 gems. Attach those 4 gems upon the rock and take a flask. Click the flask to get a scroll. Click the scroll and note the using place of shovel. As per place use the shovel and take a sign bit. Click the single stone which behind the right pond. And take a sign bit. Note the lion keyword from the pond centre stone. Click the bush which behind the flowers and use the wacky hook on it. And take a sign bit. Scene 2: Click and note the signs from the right down stone. As per hint, attach those sign bits with skull centre on the left board. And take a key. Use the key on the gate bottom to get in. Take a box from there. Put those lion keyword into the gate right bottom to get a paper. Click the maze paper and note the red and buttons in the maze. Gate Out: Click the maze board which on right rock. Then click and bring the red, blue buttons as per hint to get an 4 eggs. Scene 1: Place the white egg in the nest which on the brown tree. And get a key. Scene 2: Use the key on the drawer which top of the gate to get an egg. Attach those eggs on the box to get a grey bit. Gate In: Attach those grey bits on the wooden door lock. And escape from there.
Tags: None
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